• Ruby on Rails
  • Crowdfunding
  • Stripe
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Responsive


Promotr, is a crowdfunding platform for performers of all kinds (bands, speakers, comedians). It was a collaboration between myself, Marcus Morrison & the creative crew at Wheelhouse. With most crowdfunding platforms, there are 2 audiences, campaign creators & funders. We wanted to build a site that could benefit 3 different audiences, fans, artists & venues.


The general idea around a campaign or a tour in Promotr was that artists would give power to the people, their fans. They simply say they are going on tour, and give us the cost for a tour stop. Then fans can sign up, and create stops in their city and rally their friends around bringing that band to their hometown.


We created some cool functionality for fans to be able to find and support stops that are near them. Using zipcodes and proximity searches, we present users with venues & stops that are nearby. If you can't find a stop nearby, we made it very simple to add one, by creating some clean UX around zipcode searches.


The more unique experience on Promotr was geared around venues. A venue can create an account, and we collect some basic information, capacity, cost of putting on a show & zipcode. After a stop has been funded, artists can then choose a venue that is near the stop, and sort them based on price.

Our Mission is to give artists, fans, and venues a platform to be heard by connecting them all to create live experiences in their own cities.


The mobile experience was a really important aspect of the Promotr site. We didn’t just simply make sure the site was responsive (which it was), but we also made sure that the functionality was as easy, if not easier than the full-size desktop version. We ended up with an easy to navigate and simple to use application across all devices, big & small.

There are a lot powerful features that make the Promotr experience next-level good. Artists connect their Stripe account, and once we’ve collected payments from users, we can easily move that money into their account using Stripe’s wonderful API. This allowed Promotr to take their cut off the top, without having to pass money from one account and then to another, it was all done in a single transaction!

Artists have a lot of control over what their tour page looked like. They could upload an avatar, header image, social media links & embed videos in the page to customize the experience and information they were delivering to their users.

We built a custom admin section for the Promotr team to be able to approve, highlight, and communicate with tours. They are able to quickly and easily see all of the ongoing tours, number of stops they have funded and how close they are to ending, to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Want me to be build something like Promotr for you?