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When I first met with Travis about this project, he had built a prototype for Qadosh using Google Forms. He had a passion to increase the wellness of educators, but was unable to scale because of the current process he was using. Since finishing this project, Travis has been able to not only scale to more schools, but because of the flexibility of the application, he has organizations from a lot of different industries signed up, including hospitals, college athletics, and various non-profits.

Users take an initial survey to help gain an understanding of what specific areas of wellness they should focus on. Then, they land on their dashboard where they can see goals related to those areas of growth, and they can check them off as they complete them. After a few weeks, they retake the survey, to see how things are improving. Travis is equipped with a unique dashboard where he can see which areas organizations need the most growth, and can schedule seminars and speakers specific to those areas.

Want me to be build something like Qadosh for you?